Security Policy


  • Ariki Pte Ltd is committed to protecting both the company and company’s employees, properties, information, integrity and customer’s assets from potential threats.

  • Company is accountable and committed, guided by the basic core values, code of conduct and business ethics and supply chain security standards, which fashion and influence the way we operate throughout the supply chain. These core values include competence, respect for all employees with constant consent of safety and healthy for and within the environment.


  • All security activities must adhere to the general principles laid down below. Where appropriate these are elaborated below to provide the basis by which the company corporate security will shape the direction and conduct of security.

  • Management, all employees and contractors must always be aware of and take responsibility for the security aspects of the company’s business activities. Threats analysis and risk evaluations should be conducted on a regular basis as this is the key priority of prevention.

  • Security procedures and guidelines should be seamlessly integrated with business activities.